Community Friends Mentoring

Have fun. Share the activities you enjoy. Explore the world. Improve two lives.

Sheila and Nikki were matched in December of 2010. At the start of their first year together their outings were full of fun activities- bowling, ice skating, sledding, carving pumpkins, apple picking and even making chocolates. Now in their second year together, they’ve repeated some of their favorite outings, but the pair also enjoys spending time relaxing and hanging out together at Sheila’s house, doing simple things like drawing, or walking the neighbor’s dogs. Sheila says one of the best parts about her mentoring relationship is that Nikki is so easy to be with. “She isn’t demanding in any way and enjoys whatever we do…I think she enjoys getting away to a quiet, peaceful place,” she said.

Sheila enjoys volunteering her time as a mentor to make a difference in Nikki’s life. As a paraeducator at Champlain Valley Union High School, Sheila spends her time with teenagers during the week and says it is fun to be able to take a step back and do ‘kid things’ together with Nikki. “She is keeping me young!” she says. Nikki also speaks highly of her time spent with Sheila. When asked what she likes about having Sheila in her life, Nikki responded, “She’s fun! I enjoy being with her!”

Sheila and Nikki are just one of many mentoring pairs in the Community Friends Mentoring program. Common interests, personality and schedule are taken into consideration when volunteers are matched with youth with the hope that each mentoring match will develop into a true friendship.

Community Friends Mentoring provides area children with fun, caring mentoring relationships with adult volunteers. Mentoring pairs are carefully matched and then meet regularly for outings together in the community. We invite you to read more about the CFM program, find out how to become a mentor, or learn about the other ways individuals and groups can support CFM.

Photo credit: Mobius