Community Friends Mentoring

Here at Community Friends Mentoring . . .

We provide professional support and resources necessary for successful mentoring relationships for local youth age 6 through 18. Any child in the community could be eligible for our program. Community Friends focuses on serving children and mentors throughout all of Chittenden County. We take pride in the experience and longevity of Community Friends which was founded in 1982. For more than three decades we have been able to create and sustain meaningful relationships for our participants. Outcomes have proven that youth who have participated in mentoring programs, have shown increased trust in adults, a more hopeful sense of their future and have made healthier life choices, and are more likely to graduate from high school.

Program Staff

Catherine Shahan, Program Coordinator.  Catherine has been with Community Friends for 13 of her 20 years at the Howard Center.  Catherine collaborates with other mentoring programs across the county as well as internal staff to provide an up-to-date and vibrant therapeutic mentoring program with ongoing support, activity ideas and options for those involved.  She loves feedback from mentors and families and is always looking to improve the program to meet the needs of the current participants. 

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