Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Howard Center. We rely on the contributions of volunteers for several of our programs and events. We believe that everyone deserves support and that everyone has a special talent to share. So whether your particular area of expertise is being a good friend, teaching computer skills, or helping someone learn to cook, consider sharing your talent. We have numerous opportunities for you to consider. Some of these are for specific annual events, while others are on-going throughout the year.

Volunteer opportunities are available through the following:

Community Friends Mentoring relies on caring, adult volunteers who would like to be matched with area youth for big-brother/big-sister type relationships. Visit the Community Friends Mentoring section of our website for more information about becoming volunteer mentor. 

The Resource Center offers a variety of classes to our clients from Developmental Services. These classes are most successful when we have help from community members who have particular hobbies or talents they would like to share. If you are interested in teaching a class, please contact Jacob Weber, Coordinator, jweber@howardcenter.org.

Family Advisory Committee is a committee of Howard Center Child, Youth and Family Services. This committee seeks volunteers who are family members of children and youth who either are receiving or have received services. Contact Ptarmigan Abbott, PAbbott@howardcenter.org, for more information.

Holiday Giving serves Howard Center parents or guardians who do not have the resources to provide holiday gifts for their children as well as adults with disabilities who do not have connections for the holidays. The Holiday Giving project matches donors with individuals and families in need. Each year hundreds receive holiday gifts thanks to the generosity of many volunteer shoppers and donors. Contact Cheryl Couture at HCHGP@howardcenter.org or 488-6904 for more information.

In addition, we also post volunteer opportunities on the United Way of Northwest Vermont's Volunteer Center website.