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Howard Center Gets $20,000 from Swift Foundation
February 02, 2018

Howard Center recently received a $20,000 grant from the Marion E. Kenworthy – Sarah H Swift Foundation for its Intensive Family Based Services Program. The primary goal of the program is to preserve the family unit and to reunify families when placement has occurred. As the only program of its kind in Chittenden County, the Intensive Family Based Services Program is an important part of a countywide effort to keep children out of state custody, foster care, group care, and residential mental health placements. Last year, 112 clients and families received support, and 94% of children served were able to remain in their home following IFBS services. Read more . . . .

Mental Health Street Team Coming to 6 Vermont Communities
February 01, 2018

It's worked for 17 years in Burlington. Now it's spreading to half a dozen new communities.

"We have an important story to tell about mental health and about how communities join together," South Burlington city manager Kevin Dorn said. Read more . . . .

Who's Your Person? What's Your Plan?
February 01, 2018

Ok, hypothetical. Let’s say that tomorrow morning you get hit by the proverbial bus. Maybe it’ll be an actual bus or maybe it’ll be a disease or a car accident. I really hope that doesn’t happen, but we all know that no matter how young or healthy we are, the “bus” could be out there waiting. Read more (page 10) . . . .



New Program Embeds Mental Health Workers with Police Officers
January 31, 2018

A new initiative announced Wednesday in Chittenden County aims to help people struggling with mental health issues get the help they need while avoiding a crisis that could escalate to a standoff with police. Read more . . . .


A Burlington Team Will Head to Overdose Victims' Doorsteps
January 31, 2018

One slip in her sobriety was all it took for Samantha Freda to overdose.

"It was a freak thing," she said. The Burlington resident says she was sober last April when she ran into an old acquaintance, used drugs and "overdosed immediately."  Read more . . . .

Philadelphia's Novel Plan for Opioid Crisis: Supervised Drug Use
January 25, 2018

To address the deadly opioid crisis wracking Philadelphia, city leaders are backing a novel step to open a safe haven where addicts can use their drugs. . . . No user "has said to me that A, they wanted to get to the place they got to, and B, that having support is somehow encouraging them," said Bob Bick . . . . Read more . . .


More VT Providers Can Now Prescribe Key Opioid Treatment Drugs
January 24, 2018

A look at opioid treatment and efforts to help patients in rural areas. With a shortage of doctors, prescriptions of treatment drugs can be difficult for patients to get. Now, we have new numbers on a growing solution to this piece of the treatment puzzle. Chittenden County isn't rural. But it is an example of the kind of difference officials want to see in underserved areas. And a new effort over the past year allows a new set of medical professionals to prescribe a key treatment drug. Read more . . .

Dr. Yes, Vermont's Addiction Expert, John Brooklyn, is in Demand
January 17, 2018


Dr. John Brooklyn hadn't yet arrived at the South Burlington opiate addiction treatment center when I showed up for a tour one afternoon in December. Walking briskly into the Chittenden Clinic's drab waiting room 10 minutes late, he apologized, explaining that he'd had to make a quick run to the post office to mail a batch of urine samples to a specialized lab in Germany. Read more . . . .

Howard Center Welcomes New Board Members and Elects Officers
January 16, 2018

Howard Center recently appointed Hillary Orsini and Thato Ratsebe to serve on its Board of Trustees for three-year terms. Read more . . . .



Howard Center Receives Continued Support from Sills Family Foundation
January 06, 2018

Howard Center recently received a $25,000 grant from the Sills Family Foundation to support the Northern Lights Program. The Program provides supervised housing and structured support to help women successfully transition from prison back into the community. Read more . . . .


Whit Smith Honored with Help is Here Award
December 07, 2017

Whit Smith recently received Howard Center's 2017 Help is Here Award honoree. Read more . . .

Family Center Helps Kids Through the Early Years
November 06, 2017

The Winooski Family Center serves dozens of families navigating the first few years of child care. “We believe if we can help keep a family stable and strong and give them what they need, then they can in turn give the children what they need,” Director Karen Prosciak said. Read more and view video.

Jericho Residents, Catch 22 Make Contribution to Howard Center
November 02, 2017

Jericho residnets Gail and Tom McKenna recently donated $3,333 to Howard Center from their Catch 22 Football fundraiser. Read more . . .

How Drug Treatment Policies in VT Contribute to the Opiate Crisis
November 01, 2017

Sam Blatt tried OxyContin as a freshman at Castleton State College. Three years later, he was in prison for burglary and writing bad checks — crimes fueled by a heroin addiction that had quickly consumed him. When he got out in 2014, Blatt moved to Winooski with his girlfriend and found a construction job. Thanks to a daily dose of methadone, he was clean. Read more . . .

Winooski Family Center Receives Sally Fox Award
October 30, 2017

The Winooski Family Center recently received the 2017 Sally Fox Award from the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation. Each year, the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation honors Senator Sally Fox by presenting an award in her memory to a Vermont non-profit organization that provides direct services of exceptional merit to children ages birth to 18. Read more . . . .

I Looked for a State That's Taken the Opioid Epidemic Seriously
October 30, 2017

A group of more than a dozen addiction care providers gathered at a community health center one morning in September for their monthly meeting, where they chatted about their latest thorny problem. One of their patients had vanished. Again. Read more . . .

Bob Bick: Opioid Recovery Programs Reach Milestones
September 17, 2017

Howard Center's Chittenden Clinic and Safe Recovery programs are marking National Recovery Month with reports of milestones that indicate how far we've come and how far we've yet to go in the struggle to provide support and services for individuals seeking assistance with opioid use. Read more . . .

Officials: No More Waiting for Drug Treatment in Vermont
September 14, 2017

Vermont officials gathered in Burlingotn Thirsday to announce an update on the state's efforts to fight the opioid epidemic. Read more . . .

The Other Paper: Stories of Recovery
September 07, 2017

September is National Recovery Month, a time to recognize and support those in recovery from mental health or substance use disorders. This year's theme is Join the Voices for Recovery. Read more in the monthly "Help is Here" column in The Other Paper (p. 9) . . .


Howard Center Hires Deanna Ryerson as a New Director of Crisis
August 15, 2017

Howard Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Deanna Ryerson, Ph.D., as director of crisis, following a competitive search and selection process. Read more . . .

Naloxone Program Continues to Save Lives, Despite Deepening Crisis
August 13, 2017

People have reported reversing more than 1,200 overdoses since December 2013 with free naloxone provided by the state, according to the program’s director. . . . Safe Recovery, a needle exchange in downtown Burlington operated by the Howard Center, is by far the largest distribution site, having passed out 71 percent of the 3,286 naloxone kits distributed thus far in 2017, according to the organization’s internal figures and those released by the Health Department. Read more . . .

This is About Safety: Preventing Gun Suicides in Vermont
August 10, 2017

An analysis of gun deaths in Vermont over a six-year period showed that 89 percent of those deaths were suicides. Public health experts say they aren't surprised by that number and are trying to find ways to reduce it.

"All the time we're saying this isn't about gun rights — this is about safety," said Charlotte McCorkel, project director of integration at Howard Center in Burlington. Read more . . .

The Other Paper: Back to School Tips for Parents
August 03, 2017

What three words can spark a wide range of emotions from Vermont families this time of year? Back to school. Alice Scannell, Associate Director of Howard Center School Services, offers tips for parentswith children who are heading back to school this fall. Read more . . .

Howard Center Announces Hires and Promotions
August 01, 2017

Howard Center recently announced several new hires and promotions. Read more . . .

Howard Center Clinician Offers Tips to Help Children Dealing with Trauma
July 26, 2017

It has been a heartbreaking summer for many kids across our region. We've seen a series of drownings over the course of the last few weeks. These kinds of tragedies can be especially traumatic for kids.
Beth Goss is a clinical director at the Howard Center. She shared tips to help address trauma. Watch the video for the full interview.


Homelessness an Added Pressure to Recovering Addicts
July 11, 2017

Those on the front lines of the opiate crisis find homelessness and addiction can often be co-occurring problems.

“The whole problem is so much more complicated than why don't they just get into recovery, or why don't they just get a house,” said Tammy Boudah, with the Howard Center Street Outreach Team. Boudah said she’s seen homelessness and opiate addiction intertwine. Read more . . .

Howard Center Program Offers Mental Health Provider Training
July 11, 2017

Howard Center will host a statewide Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) training for Vermont mental health providers. PCIT is an evidence-based method to support families with young children. Thirteen clinicians from five mental health agencies in Vermont will begin the year-long training in July 2017. Read more . . .

White House Drug Czar: State's Addiciton Treartment a "Valuable Model"
July 10, 2017

The nation's drug czar is visiting Vermont--as opioid releated deaths are at an all-time high.

"In 206, there were 106 deaths deaths here in our state resulting from heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain killers," said Gov. Phil Scott (R-Vermont). Read more . . .


Howard Center Arts Collective
July 05, 2017

This Burlington-based group of artists brings an exuberant and playful sensibility to the walls of the Flynndog Gallery in the South End. Read more . . .

Howard Center Announces New Leaders
July 05, 2017

Howard Center announces two new leaders for Street Outreach and Safe Recovery Teams.
Read more . . .

Howard Center Announces New Leaders for Street Outreach and Safe Recovery Teams
July 05, 2017

Howard Center Announces New Leaders for Street Outreach and Safe Recovery Teams. Read more . . .



Hires and Promotions for Week of July 3
July 03, 2017

Howard Center staff Beth Holden and Sandy Steingard are included in the July 3 Hires and Promotions section of "The Burlington Free Press." Read more . . .

My Turn: Credit Shumlin for Attention on Opioids
June 30, 2017

The Vermont Department of Health recently released a preliminary report on opioid usage in the state, which indicates a substantial rise in opioid fatalities. The report shows a 38 percent climb in fatalities from 2015 to 2016, with total overdose deaths in 2016 reaching 106. Read more . . .

Essex Police React to Top Safetty Ranking
June 30, 2017

We told you earlier this week about a study that named Essex, Vermont, among the safest communities in the country. Home security and safety company SafeWise ranked the top 30 safest towns in the country to raise a child. They listed Essex as number two. Read more . . .

State Opioid Council Meets for the First Time
June 28, 2017

A new Opioid Coordination Council established via executive order by Gov. Phil Scott met for the first time last month. Read more . . .

Chittenden Clinic Receives Three-Year CARF Accreditation
June 27, 2017

Howard Center’s Chittenden Clinic at San Remo Drive in South Burlington was just notified that it has been awarded a three-year accreditation—the highest level of accreditation—from CARF International, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human service organizations. In addition, the Clinic received a three-year recertification from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Read more . . .

Howard Center Staff Beth Holden Offers Workshop at Suicide Prevention Symposium
June 27, 2017

Beth Holden, Associate Director of Howard Center programs for children and families, presented a workshop, “Riding the Roller Coaster: Implementation of Zero Suicide.” The presentation was part of the recent 2017 Vermont Suicide Prevention Symposium, sponsored by the Vermont Suicide Prevention Center. Read more . . .

Talking About Addiction? Word Choice Matters
June 26, 2017

A person who uses drugs or a drug addict? The way we talk about addiction in the age of a nationwide opioid crisis has changed, at least for most journalists. Read more . . .

Howard Center Staff Offers Suicide Prevention Symposium Workshop
June 22, 2017

Beth Holden, Associate Director of Howard Center programs for children and families, presented a workshop, "Riding the Roller Coaster: Implementation of Zero Suicide." The presentation was part of the recent 2017 Vermont Suicide Prevention Symposium, sponsored by the Vermont Suicide Prevention Center. Read more . . .

Treatment Community Fights to Keep Up with Narcan Demand
June 20, 2017

Those on the front lines of opiate crisis are trying to determine if one dose of the overdose reversal drug, Narcan, is enough. “We can account for 800 reversals from the doses that we've actually distributed,” said Bob Bick of Howard Center. Read more . . .


Howard Center Pushes Back on One Dose Policy for Narcan
June 16, 2017

The state’s largest distributor of an opiate overdose antidote is pushing back against a state policy aimed at limiting how much naloxone can be distributed. The Health Department provides naloxone, known by the brand name Narcan, to a network of distribution sites across the state. The state allows one dose per person in most cases, according to Chris Bell, who oversees the program. Tom Dalton, the outgoing director of Safe Recovery, said that policy is dangerously misguided because it frequently takes multiple doses of Narcan to revive someone who is overdosing. Read more . . .

The Other Paper Column: Be Well
June 05, 2017

Sandy Steingard has a column in the recent issue of "The Other Paper" about Open Dialogue. To read more, click here and scroll to page 11.



What is a Service Dog Anyway?
June 03, 2017

This brief video offers some helpful guidelines about service dogs. Watch it now.

$200K Shortfall Forces Difficult Decision
May 31, 2017

Two vacancies on the Burlington Street Outreach Team left by the death of founder Matt Young and the departure of Justin Verette will remain empty for the near future as the Howard Center deals with large shortfalls in the team's budget. Read more . . .

Chittenden Clinic Receives Three-Year Accreditation
May 27, 2017

Howard Center’s Chittenden Clinic at San Remo Drive in South Burlington was just notified that it has been awarded a three-year accreditation—the highest level of accreditation—from CARF International, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human service organizations. In addition, the Clinic received a three-year recertification from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Read more . . .

Waiting Lists for Drug Treatment are Getting Shorter
May 26, 2017

Local media outlets followed up with stories and interviews regarding the shortened waitlist at Howard Center's Chittenden Clinic. Chief Executive Officer Bob Bick talks about the trend.



Will a New Call Center Help Alleviate Vermont's Mental Health Crisis?
May 17, 2017

It's one piece of a puzzle aimed to alleviate the region's mental health crisis. New efforts and resources at the Howard Center are helping Vermonters, one caller at a time. Read more . . .

Despite Stabbing, Church Street Sees Drop in Crime Stats
May 07, 2017

Burlington's first homicide in 2017 was a highly visible one--in the middle of the afternoon on Church Street Marketplace, the busy pedestrian thoroughfare that sees 3 million visitors a year. Read more, including the role the Street Outreach Team plays in keeping the Marketplace safe.

Burlingtonians of All Stripes Remember Matt Young
May 02, 2017

A diverse crowd filled the Unitarian Church in Burlington Monday to memorialize Matt Young, a beloved local credited with starting the city's street outreach team to provide services to members of the community who slipped through the cracks. Read more . . .

Mayor, Police Push for Tougher Fentanyl Regulations
April 27, 2017

Chittenden County officials are demanding action on a bill making its way through the statehouse that would strengthen penalties for those distributing fentanyl. Read more . . .

Amid Overdose Rash, Officials Urge Fentanyl Crackdown
April 26, 2017

After 19 mostly non-fatal opiate overdoses within two weeks earlier this month, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger and local law enforcement officials at a news conference on Wednesday said the state needs to change its laws to crackdown on fentanyl dealers. Read more . . .


Weinberger, Law Enforcement Back Criminal Statute on Fentanyl
April 26, 2017

Mayor Miro Weinberger joined law enforcement officials Wednesday to push for legislation creating new criminal penalties specific to the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl. Read more . . .

Bob Bick: The Staggering Effects of Heroin and Opiate Abuse
April 13, 2017

On April 20, at the high school, the South Burlington Police will sponsor a forum on opiate addiction. This issue has intensified in the last decade and has sparked a variety of conversations and initiatives aimed at reducing opiate use. What more needs to be done? Read more . . .

Bob Bick: The Ever-Present Heroin Problem
April 13, 2017

Right now, heroin abuse in Vermont qualifies as a major health epidemic--even as alcohol remains our most costly drug of abuse--affecting an individual's health, family, and social relations, and often leading to death and illness. Read more . . .

Tips on Talking to Kids About School Threats
April 13, 2017

Wednesday's school threat in Essex Junction will mean  lots of questions at home and an opportunity to talk things out as a family. But what should you say? Read more . . . 

Chief: More Drug Treatment Needed in Prison
April 12, 2017

 The chief of Burlington Police Department traveled to Montpelier on Wednesday to request more help for drug-addicted prison inmates. We need medication-assisted treatment for people addicted to opioids in jail," said Chief Brandon del Pozo. Read more . . .

Matt Young, Master of BTV Street Outreach, remembered
March 25, 2017

Matt Young, who worked for 17 years to help Burlington's most vulnerable residents, died Thursday morning from a long-term cancer. He was 68.

Young helped create, and later supervised, the Howard Center Street Outreach Program -- an on-the-ground team that seeks to find solutions to interrelated challenges of homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness and poverty. Read more . . .

VT Loses a Man Who Dedicated His Life to Helping the Homeless
March 24, 2017

Seventeen years ago, Matt Young helped create the Howard Center's Street Outreach Team, connecting those struggling with homelessness and addiction to services. Before, many of the neediest in Burlingotn had nowhere to turn. Read more . . .

Housing Agencies, Street Outreach and Police Work Together to Develop Eviction Crisis Plan, Protocol
March 22, 2017

Burlington's Public Safety Committee met again to discuss a better protocol to support tenants if their lease is terminated. A sub-committee was formed specifically for "Eviction Crisis Plan and Protocols." It's to better support tenants, specifically those with mental health issues, facing eviction. Read more . . .

Heroin and Fentanyl Crisis Worsens in 2016
March 07, 2017

More Vermonters died in 2016 from drug overdoses overall, and heroin and fentanyl in particular, according to preliminary data from the Department of Health. Read more . . .

Arts to Smarts Program Enhances Student Learning
March 02, 2017

VSA Vermont has a long history of bringing art and arts engagement to Vermonters with disabilities. In recent years, the success of the nonprofit's arts integration model for students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges has fueled the growth of a new education initiative: Arts to Smarts. Read how students at Howard Center's Baird School have benefited from this initiative.

Gap Employees Volunteer at Howard Center
February 27, 2017

Employees from the Gap store in downtown Burlington were recently honored as Volunteers of the Week for the help they provided to Howard Center. Read more . . .

Mental Health Takes Center Stage at Vermont Budget Hearing
February 13, 2017

Howard Center staff and board members joined others at a public state budget hearing meeting to ask officials to increase child care subsidies, pay for after-school programs, and raise wages for mental health workers. Read more . . .

"My Turn" Column: Creating Lives of Meaning
February 12, 2017

In her piece, "Creating Lives of Mreaning," Howard Center's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sandra Steingard says, "We know that offering hope, helping people find a path of meaning in their lives, and improving social connections and community acceptance will help people recover." Read more . . .

Burlington Telecom Donates $12,600 to Local Charities
February 01, 2017

During the 2016 holiday season, Burlington Telecom partnered with local Burlington-based charities to highlight the amazing work being done in the community to support those in need. Howard Center is honored to be among those recognized. Read more . . .

Should Vermont Provide a Safe Place for Addicts to Shoot Up?
January 27, 2017

It's a radical proposal in Vermont's battle with opiate addiction. Our political reporter Kyle Midura has more on a plan lawmakers are considering that would provide a supervised place for addicts to shoot up. The concept is that allowing a safe injection site would save lives, but questions remain even in the treatment community about the potential consequences. Read more . . . 

Under Supervision: Should Vermont Legalize Heroin Injection Sites?
January 25, 2017

On Tuesday, Rep. Selene Colburn (P/D-Burlington) introduced legislation in the Vermont House to legalize "safer drug consumption programs" in the state. Interviews with several Howard Center staff are included in the article.  Read more . . .

Howard Center Presents Day-long Conference with Dr. Gabor Mate, January 25
January 18, 2017

Howard Center is pleased to sponsor a day-long conference, “A Day with Gabor Maté ,” on Wednesday, January 25. A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development. Read more . . .

Grenon Group Offers Fixes for Mental Health Crisis Response
January 17, 2017

In the wake of a 76-year-old man’s fatal shooting by police in Burlington last year, a group of public officials, mental health experts, community members and others began meeting. The group, initially convened by former Chittenden County state Sen. Jim Leddy, made recommendations to lawmakers this week for how the state could work to avoid a similar situation in the future. Read more . . .

Sandra Steingard: Creating Lives of Meaning
January 06, 2017

In her commentary, "Creating Lives of Meaning," Dr. Sandra Steingard, Howard Center's Chief Medical Officer, says, "Part of our work at Howard Center is to help people find their respective paths to recovery. We do this with hope and humility. Every day, we partner with people who make remarkable progress." Read more . . .

Howard Center Announces Cathie Buscaglia as Agency's New Director of Innovation
January 04, 2017

Howard Center CEO Bob Bick recently announced the appointment of Cathie Buscaglia to the position of Director of Innovation. Read more . . .

IBM Volunteers Honored for Their Contributions to Westview House
January 02, 2017

IBM work crew is honored as the "Burlington Free Press" Volunteers of the Week for their help at Howard Center's Westview House. Read more . . .

South Burlington Man Charged with Possessing Firearm
December 21, 2016

A South Burlington man who is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition is facing a federal charge. Read more . . .

Howard Center welcomes New Board Members and elects Officers
December 06, 2016

Howard Center recently appointed Kelly Deforge and Trevor J. Squirrell to its Board of Trustees for three-year terms. Read more . . .

Report Suggests Prisoners Benefit from Extended Drug Treatment
December 05, 2016

Fewer than 2 percent of Vermont prisoners given extended access to prescribed opioid treatment drugs as part of a pilot violated the program's rules and had to be taken off their medication while incarcerated, according to a state report provided to VtDigger on Wednesday. Read More . . .

Burlington Woman "Fell" Through the Cracks
December 04, 2016

Darshana Bolt, 31, had been diagnosed with dissociative disorder, which means her memories were often separated from reality. She also had a type of post-traumatic stress disorder after suffeing sexual assault and domestic violence multiple times as an adult. Read more . . .

Despite Challenges, More Private Doctors Are Treating Opiate Addicts
November 30, 2016

Vermont officials are encouraging private physicians to treat addicts in an all-hands-on-deck battle against opioid abuse. But state sanctions against some of them illustrate the potential pifalls of putting office docs on the front lines. Read more . . .

Prison Policy Seen as Short Circuiting Addiction Recovery
November 29, 2016

Police and social workers say the state is not doing enough to help prevent  a cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration that starts when people in recovery or seeking treatment get locked up.  “A big part of recovery is helping with stability, and it’s very destabilizing to be taken off your prescribed medication while incarcerated,” said Tom Dalton, with the Safe Recovery program in Burlington. Read more . . .

Questions Remain After Quintuple Fatal Crash
November 29, 2016

Almost two months after five Vermont teenagers were killed in a fiery crash on Interstate 89, questions remain around the suspect’s visit to the hospital emergency room for a yet undisclosed reason the morning prior to the incident. Read more . . .


Burlington Telecom Holiday Offer Helps Support Local Charities
November 22, 2016

This holiday season, Burlington Telecom is partnering with local charities to highlight some of the amazing work being done in the community to support those in need. From now until the end of the year, Burlington Telecom will donate $100 to a Burlington based non-profit for each new customer subscribing to BT internet, television, or phone services.

Customers will have the choice to direct BT’s donation to one of five organizations: Committee on Temporary Shelter, Community Health Centers of Burlington, Howard Center, Spectrum Youth & Family Services, and Steps to End Domestic Violence. Read more . . .

Despite Improvement, Expanded Access to Opiate Treatment in VT Still Needed
November 14, 2016

In 2012, Vermont had 650 people in some form of treatment for opiate addiction. Today, according to Vermont Department of Health, that number has ballooned to more than 7,500. But the state still lacks the capacity needed to treat all of the addicts seeking help. Read more . . .

Burlington to Fight Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Challenge
November 11, 2016

The City of Burlington has established CommunityStat, which will attempt to reverse the opioid crisis by approaching it as a public health challenge that requires collaboration and coordination of efforts among all the community stakeholders engaged in responding to it. Read more . . .

Howard Center Honors Lisa Steele with Help is Here Award
November 03, 2016

Howard Center recently presented the Help is Here award to Lisa Steele at a reception on November 2. The award honors an individual whose contribution personifies the agency’s mission and demonstrates a passion for helping the individuals and families served by Howard Center. Read more . . .

Howard Center Highlighted in "Best of Burlington"
October 01, 2016

Howard Center was recently featured in an article in the Fall 2016 issue of the "Best of Burlington." Click here to view the full article.

Howard Center and Union Ratify Contract
September 21, 2016

Howard Center management confirmed that the agency’s Board of Trustees have approved a two-year contract with Local 1674 of AFSCME Council 93, which represents 723 Howard Center direct care workers, 112 of whom are members of the union. The agency employs over 1500 employees. Read more . . .

Howard Center Fall Community Education Series Presents Panel on Opiate Use and Treatment
September 07, 2016

Howard Center will launch its Fall Community Education Series on Thursday, September 8, with a panel forum on opiate use and treatment. The presenters for this session include Bob Bick, CEO, Howard Center; Dan Brugger, Community Member; Brandon del Pozo, Chief of Police, BPD; Patti Fisher, MD, UVM Medical Center; and Barbara Rachelson, Executive Director, LUND. Martha Maksym, Executive Director of the United Way of Northwest Vermont will serve as facilitator. Read more . . .

Howard Center Receives Designated Agency Recertification
September 01, 2016

Howard Center recently received designated agency recertification from the Vermont Department of Health; the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living (DAIL); and the State Program Committee for Adult Mental Health. The authorizations recognize Howard Center’s high-quality mental health, substance use, and developmental disability services and programs for Chittenden County adults, children, and families. Read more . . .

Howard Center Leader to Participate in National Healthy Youth Institute
August 24, 2016

Howard Center’s Director of Crisis Integration, Charlotte McCorkel, has been selected to participate in the National Council’s Healthy Youth Leadership Institute, designed to increase skills and knowledge to address health disparities in youth and young adults. Only alumni from the National Council’s Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program were eligible to apply, and Charlotte and 14 other emerging leaders from across the country were selected. Read more . . .

Register Now for Zoe's Race
August 10, 2016

Register now for Howard Center’s eighth annual Zoe’s Race, scheduled for August 28, 2016, at Oakledge Park in Burlington. The family-friendly event offers fundraisers the option to choose either a 1K fun run or a 5K run/walk. Since the first year, the event has raised more than $160,000 with support from numerous local businesses and individuals. This year, the Race welcomes back long-time supporter Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont as the event gold-level sponsor. Read more . . .

Community Organizations Host June 27 Gubernatorial Forum: Community Health and Support Services
June 27, 2016

Candidates Matt Dunne, Peter Galbraith, Bruce Lisman, Sue Minter, and Phil Scott will participate in a forum focused on "Community Health and Support Services" in Burlington on Monday, June 27. The event is presented by Vermont Care Partners, The Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, the VNAs of Vermont, the Vermont Association of Area Agencies on Aging, the Community of Vermont Elders, and Vermont PBS. Read more . . .

Safety Connection Staff Present at National Conference
May 19, 2016

Kevin Hutt, Howard Center’s Safety Connection Program Coordinator, will present a workshop at the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Aging and Disabilities on May 25, 2016. Read more . . .

Howard Center Marks National Foster Care Month with Forum on Respite, Foster Care, and Adoption
May 09, 2016

Howard Centerwill host a forum on May 9 for community members to learn about opportunities to support children and youth in our local communities. The program will include a panel discussion, followed by a Q & A session. Read more . . .

Howard Center's Dr. Sandy Steingard Talks with WCAX Reporters about Schizophrenia
April 18, 2016

Howard Center's Dr. Sandy Steingard Talks with WCAX reporters about schizophrenia.

How schizophrenia led to fatal run-in with police.

Howard Center Welcomes New Board Member, Staff
April 18, 2016

Howard Center recently welcomed new board member Patrick Brown and staff Bob Stetzel. Read more . . .


Free Press Media "The Table" Features Howard Center Street Outreach Staff
April 07, 2016

Free Press Media President and Publisher Al Getler and Reader Engagement Editor Aki Soga recently thosted a conversation with Casey Lee, a Howard Center Street Outreach worker, on the round-table discussion show, "The Table," on April 7. Click here to view the discussion.

Budget That's Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
March 24, 2016

In a recent “My Turn” article in The Burlington Free Press, Howard Center CEO Bob Bick highlights the challenges that the Designated and Specialized Service agencies will face if there is no Medicaid increase again this year. Without an increase the agencies can expect unsustainable staff turnover and programmatic cuts which will have a negative impact on our communities and be more costly over the long term. According to Bick, such a decision will truly be “penny wise and pound foolish. Read more . . .

Report Details Chronic Underfunding of Vermont's Mental Health Agencies
March 07, 2016

There’s nothing new about mental health advocates pressing lawmakers for increased funding. But officials at the designated agencies that provide community-based services say the situation has turned dire, and independent regulators say the agencies’ funding shortfalls are now threatening the availability of critical services. Read more . . .

Howard Center Recieves Grant from Key Bank for Supported Employment Program
January 12, 2016

Howard Center recently received $5,000 from Key Bank for Career Connections, a supported employment program for Chittenden County adults (ages 18 years and older) who live with a severe mental health challenge and have a desire to pursue employment. Read more . . .


Jane's Trust Awards $100,000 for Integrated Crisis Services
January 11, 2016

Howard Center recently received $100,000 from Jane’s Trust to consolidate its crisis support programs and call centers. The integration of services will improve the quality of crisis services by creating uniform standards of response and follow up for any child, youth, adult, or family member who needs mental health support in a self-defined crisis who is physically in Chittenden County at that time.  Read more . . .

Howard Center Welcomes New Board Members, Elects New Officers
December 02, 2015

Now in its 150th year, Howard Center recently appointed five new members to its board of trustees to serve three-year terms. Read more . . .

Running Club to Host Benefit for Opiate Treatment Program
December 01, 2015

The Long Trail Running Club will host a screening of “Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco,” a documentary about the life of Micah True, nicknamed Caballo Blanco, who pioneered the ultramarathon, a 50-mile foot race. The event came about through the efforts of Lundy and Jack Pilla who lost their son to an overdose in 2011. Read more . . .

The screening will take place Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Roxy, 222 College St. in Burlington. For more information on the film “Run Free” click here.

Safe Recovery Director Interviewed on VPR
November 25, 2015

Safe Recovery program director Tom Dalton and Howard Center Board of Trustee T.J. Donovan were recently interviewed by Vermont Public Radio about funding for the program. Listen to the interview . . .

Local Couple Makes Contribution to Howard Center
November 18, 2015

Gail and Tim McKenna from the CATCH 22 Foundation in Jericho, VT, recently contributed $1,111 plus a $1 dollar bill to Howard Center. The donation was from the Foundation’s Toss and Catch event, and the gift will be used to purchase 11 bikes for students at Howard Center’s Baird School. Read more . . .

Howard Center Hosts Open House for New Residential Program
November 13, 2015

Howard Center will host an open house for a new residential program, Avenue 7, designed for young adults ages 18-28 who have an intellectual disability or autism. The program will provide support and guidance for individuals as they develop the skills necessary to live independently in the community. Read more . . .

Bob Wolford Honored by Turning Point
November 10, 2015

Bob Wolford, Howard Center's Coordinator of Criminal Justice Programs, recently received the Tom Crowley Award at The Turning Point’s Circle of Stars annual dinner. The Turning Point Center of Chittenden County offers support for individuals in recovery, and the award was created in honor of Senator Tom Crowley, an advocate for people in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. It is presented annually to a person in the community who has performed outstanding work in support of people struggling with alcohol and/or drug addictions. Read more . . .

Howard Center Hosts Informational Open House for Foster Care Program
October 14, 2015

“You don't have to be married, rich, or own a home to be a perfect foster or adoptive parent," says Katie Nee, Resource Coordinator for Howard Center’s Comprehensive Care Program. She adds, "You will be supported every step of the way by our team.” In addition to providing a variety of mental health support services to children and families in the community, her program helps find foster homes and respite foster care for children ages 4-18. Her team provides information and guidance for families who are considering becoming foster parents.

Nee’s program will sponsor an informational open house for adults interested in learning more about Comprehensive Care’s Foster Parent program:
Wednesday, October 14
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
1138 Pine Street, Burlington, VT

Howard Center's Street Outreach Team Honored for Contributions to Community
October 01, 2015

During its 61st Annual Conference and Tradeshow, the International Downtown Association (IDA) recognized Howard Center’s Street Outreach Program with a Downtown Merit Award for its nationally recognized work in the downtown Burlington area. Read more . . .

Staff Recognized for Years of Service
September 30, 2015

Howard Center recently recognized more than 60 staff who celebrated work anniversaries of 10 years or longer. Read more . . .

Howard Center Launches Community Education Series
September 08, 2015

Howard Center will kick-off its new Community Education Series on Thursday, September 10, featuring guest speakers Dana Poverman and John Brooklyn who will co-lead a discussion on “Understanding Opioid Addiction.” The September workshop is the first of three that will be offered to the general public this fall.  Read more . . .

Howard Center Chief Medical Officer to Present at Two Conferences in South America
September 01, 2015

Howard Center’s Chief Medical Officer Sandra Steingard, M.D. will present workshops at two conferences in South America. On September 7 and 8, Steingard will present the workshop “Critical Psychiatry: A Way Forward” at the International Symposium on Mental Health in Asuncion, Paraguay, and again at a conference in Buenos Aires on September 11.  Read more . . .

Howard Center Continues Safe Recovery Services through Partnership with City of Burlington
August 12, 2015

Howard Center’s Safe Recovery program recently received a $12,500 contribution from the City of Burlington for continued operation of its syringe exchange program. Read more...

Howard Center Receives Support Through SAMHSA Grant
August 07, 2015

Senator Leahy announced earlier today that a $3,000,000 grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) was awarded to the Vermont Department of Health to increase access to Medication Assisted Treatment in Vermont for high risk individuals with an opioid dependency. Read more . . .

Staff Appointments Aimed at Enhancing Client Services
July 01, 2015

Howard Center Executive Director Bob Bick recently announced several staff appointments which will more fully integrate services and promote an organizational multi-disciplinary team approach designed to enhance services to our clients and community. Read more . . .

Howard Center Adopts Enhanced Tobacco-free Policy
June 10, 2015

Beginning July 1, Howard Center will implement an enhanced tobacco-free pollcy in keeping with the organization's mission to support client health and wellness and in compliance with new State mandates. Read more . . .

Greater Burlington YMCA Honors Howard Center
May 29, 2015

For the Greater Burlington YMCA, Wednesday night's annual meeting was an opportunity to highlight not only their own achievements, but to honor another area non-profit for it contributions to create a stronger community. The Y recognized Howard Center with a special award for their years of service to their clients and the impact of their work. Read more . . .

Howard Center Clinician Among Those Recently Honored by KidsSafe Collaborative
May 04, 2015

Howard Center School Services Clinician Melissa McConnell was one of several individuals to be honored at the April 16 KidsSafe Collababorative Annual Luncheon. McConnell received the Gregory Packan Esq. Award for Outstanding Children's Advocacy. Read more . . .

Community Friends Mentor is Volunteer of the Week
April 20, 2015

Who wouldn't want the opportunity to truly feel like a kid again, to see things anew from a child's perspective, to just have fun? As a mentor through Howard Center's Community Friends Mentoring Program, Amanda Kolifraith says that's the best thing about her role. Read more . . .

Bob Bick Joins Governor, Others at Press Conference About Price of Overdose Drug
April 08, 2015

At an April 8 press conference, Executive Director Bob Bick joined Governor Shumlin and others to implore drug companies to stop the steep increase of naloxone, an overdose reversal drug. Read more . . .

Local High Schools Raise Money for Howard Center
March 25, 2015

Colchester High School was one of seven local high schools that took to the ice on March 14 to compete in Howard Center’s annual Curling Challenge fundraiser. The event raised $50,000 and helps support the more than 8,300 clients that the organization serves each year. Read more . . .

Howard Center's Medication Assisted Treatment Program Receives National Recognition
March 15, 2015

Howard Center’s medication assisted treatment program was recently recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient-Centered Specialty Practice, the first outpatient treatment program in the nation to gain this level of recognition. Read more . . .

Street Outreach Program is Model for Ithaca, NY, Program
March 04, 2015

Ithaca, New York, is proposing a Street Outreach Program based on Howard Center's program. The idea for the outreach worker position came from a trip city officials made to Burlington, Vermont, six or seven years ago, where the delegation observed the Howard Center program. Read more . . .

Street Outreach Program Receives National Award
February 10, 2015

Howard Center’s Street Outreach Program is one of only 10 programs nationwide that was recently recognized as a Program of Excellence by the Hospital Charitable Services Awards, an initiative sponsored by Jackson Healthcare to recognize exceptional hospital community programs. As a founding partner, The University of Vermont Medical Center nominated the Street Outreach Program for its achievements in improving the health of the local Burlington community. Each award recipient will receive $10,000.  Read more . . .

Howard Center Safe Recovery Receives Comer Family Foundation Grant
February 03, 2015

Howard Center Safe Recovery recently received a $12,500 grant for its syringe exchange program from the Comer Family Foundation. The grant represents the Chicago-based foundation’s commitment to harm reduction services that prevent- transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C.  Safe Recovery Program Coordinator Tom Dalton says, “The Comer Family Foundation has been a real friend to Safe Recovery over the years, offering consistent support and extra help when demand for services outpaces our available resources.” Read more . . .

Fight Against Opiate Addiction Working, Shumlin Says
January 21, 2015

At a January 21 press conference, Governor Shumlin was joined by state officials and Howard Center Executive Director Bob Bick, Howard Center Director of Child, Youth and Familiy Services and Board of Trustee member TJ Donovan. "What the governor did, and continues to do, is he has given people the couarge to speak about addiction openly," said Donovan. Read more . . .

Howard Center Appoints Two New Board Members, Elects Officers
January 15, 2015

Howard Center recently appointed Charlotte Ancel and Kerrick Johnson to three-year terms its board of trustees. Ancel and Johnson were appointed to fill three-year terms on the Board. Read more . . .

One Year Later: Was Opiate Addiction Addressed?
January 14, 2015

One year ago, Gov. Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State address to what he called Vermont's "opiate epidemic." He described a "crisis" that had ensnared thousands and overwhelmed the system designed to help addicts get clean. The speech received national media attention and included many proposals — to increase treatment options for drug addicts, reduce backlogs at medical facilities and boost awareness.

How much progress has been made on Shumlin's proposals? Has Vermont beaten back the "epidemic"? Read more . . .

Howard Center Board Selects Bob Bick as Executive Director
November 03, 2014

Howard Center’s Board of Trustees today announced the appointment of Bob Bick as Executive Director, effective January 1, 2015. Bick has been the Director of Howard Center’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since1994. Bick succeeds Todd Centybear, who has led Howard Center for 13 years and has been at the organization since 1975. Centybear is retiring January 15. Read the full announcement . . . 

Rethinking Psychosis and the Problems on Non-Consensual Reality
October 16, 2014

Dr. Sandra Steingard, Howard Center Medical Director, has a thoughtful article about rethinking our understanding of psychosis and antipsychotic medications in the October issue of Community Psychologist, a publication of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists. Read more . . .

Howard Center Hosts Visitors from Japan
October 15, 2014

Howard Center’s Career Connections, a supported employment program for individuals with mental health challenges, will host a visitor from Japan on October 15-17. Yusuke Murakami learned about Howard Center from his colleagues in Japan. Murakami plans to visit with program coordinators, staff, and clients to learn more about supported employment options and hopes to implement a similar program in Japan. Read more . . .

Howard Center First Call Director Chosen for National Leadership Program
October 13, 2014

Howard Center First Call Director, Charlotte McCorkel, is one of 25 participants chosen nationwide to participate in the National Council for Behavioral Health’s 2014-2015 Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program. Read more . . .

Howard Center Staff, Board Member Appointed to Governor's Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse Cabinet
September 10, 2014

Howard Center Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Bob Bick and Board of Trustees member Thomas “TJ” Donovan, Jr. were recently appointed to the Governor’s Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse Cabinet for a five-year term. Read more . . .

Howard Center San Remo Drive Clinic Receives Highest Level of Accreditation
August 01, 2014

Howard Center was recently awarded a three-year accreditation—the highest level of accreditation—from CARF International (formerly known as the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) for its San Remo Drive clinic, which provides medication assisted treatment for individuals with opioid dependence. Read more . . .

Howard Center Safe Recovery to Distribute Overdose Rescue Kits in Addison County
May 28, 2014

On May 28, Howard Center Safe Recovery Program Coordinator Tom Dalton will be at the Turning Point in Middlebury from 1:00-5:00 p.m. to offer overdose rescue kits with Naloxone (Narcan) to community members. Read more . . .

Expert: No Simple Answers to Heroin Problem
May 05, 2014

Vermont is in the midst of its worst-ever heroin problem, a predicament that caused Gov. Peter Shumlin to spend his entire State of the State message to the Legislature in January on the subject.

Bob Bick, the director of mental health and substance abuse services for the Howard Center, has worked in the addiction-treatment field for years and understands the complexities of addressing this problem. Read more . . .

Community Friends Mentor Highlighted as Volunteer of the Week
May 05, 2014

Cindy Chittenden, a Community Friends Mentor, is highlighted in the United Way of Chittenden County's Volunteer of the Week Spotlight. Read more . . .

Burlington PD refine response to mental health crises
April 18, 2014

Howard Center Street Outreach interventionist working with Burlington Police Department to respond to mental health crises. Read more . . .

To Prevent Further Tragedy, Burlington Tries Dispatching a Clinician Instead of a Cop
April 16, 2014

Howard Center's Justin Verette is featured in a new pilot program in conjunction with the Burlington Police Department. Read more. . .

Howard Center Mentoring Program Highlighted in WCAX Interview
April 14, 2014

Our Community Friends Mentoring program was highlighted in a three-part series on mentoring that aired on WCAX. View the interview.

Howard Center Crisis Team Takes on Suicide in Vermont
March 30, 2014

Taryn Austin, coordinator of Howard Center's Mobile Crisis Team, offers suggestions and questions to ask when trying to help someone in distress who may be contemplating suicide. Read more . . .

Curling for a Cause in South Burlington
March 15, 2014

Fifth annual tournament, Curling for Kids, raises money for Howard Center programs and services that support children and their families. Read more . . .

Howard Center Executive Director Todd Centybear to Retire in December
March 14, 2014

Howard Center Executive Director Todd Centybear has announced that he will retire from his position in December. Centybear has been with the organization for 39 years. Read more . . .

White House 'Drug Czar' Praises Focus on Addiction
March 03, 2014

Touring Vermont at the invitation of Democratic Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, the Director of National Drug Control Policy, R. Gil Kerlikowske, praised the Green Mountain State for pledging to face head-on what's been called a growing crisis of heroin and prescription pill addiction. Read more . . .

Vermont Mayors Cite Mental Health Reform as Priority
March 01, 2014

The mayors of eight Vermont communities have named health reform their top legislative priority for 2014 to draw attention to the plight of emergency rooms and law enforcement agencies across the state coping with the rising demand for services. Read more . . .

Shumlin Signs Budget Adjustment Bill at Opiate Treatment Center
February 25, 2014

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a mid-year increase in state spending Tuesday, adding more than $15 million to the FY 14 budget. Read more . . .

"Drab No More" When Office Design Strikes a (Creative) Pose
February 20, 2014

Howard Center Developmental Services expanded its offices to include another downtoan location that facilitates team work and collaboration. Read more . . .

Fentanyl Deaths Alarm VT Police, Health Officers
February 19, 2014

The Vt. State Police and federal authorities are investigating the source of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic painkiller used in hospital settings, that Vt. Health Dept. tests showed caused the deaths of three Vermonters in January.

A kit being distributed by the Howard Center in Burlington, Vt. may buy someone suffering an opiate overdose some extra time. Read more . . .


In Face of Fiscal Downturn, Treatment Must Provide Hope for Future
January 30, 2014

Clinical Coordinator Ed Williamson from St. Albans has a letter to the editor in "The Boston Globe" in response to an earlier article about heroin in Vermont. Read more . . .

The article is also availble to read as a PDF.

With Two Lives At Stake, Opioid-Addicted Mothers Need Integrated Treatment
January 22, 2014

There are many people affected by opioid addiction in Vermont, but for pregnant women who are substance dependent, there are always two lives at stake. Read more . . .

Todd Centybear: Opiate Addiction in Our Communitites
January 20, 2014

Commentary by Todd Centybear, Executive Director of Howard Center. Read more . . .

Howard Center Welcomes Three New Members to its Board
January 16, 2014

Howard Center welcomes T.J. Donovan, E. William Leckerling, and Emmanuel Siriwayo to its Board of Trustees. Read more . . .

For a Better Response to Mental Health Crisis
January 13, 2014

Police Chief Mike Schirling speaks to the City Council about police response to situations involving people going through a mental health crisis. Read more . . .

Hotel Exemption in Effect Thanks to Record Sub-zero Temps
January 02, 2014

"The exception means the state provides homeless people with motel rooms for the night to get them out of the extreme cold," Matt Young said. Read more . . .

Are Patients Better Off without Antipsychotic Drugs?
December 09, 2013

Dr. Sandra Steingard, Howard Center Medical Director, discusses both sides of the question in an article for The Wasington Post. Read more . . . 

Pilot Program Tests Antidote for Drug Overdoses
December 02, 2013

The Vermont Health Department launches pilot program to distribute an antidote for opium-based drug overdoses directly to addicts. Read more . . .

Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services Receives Grant to Expand Services
November 25, 2013

Howard Center is pleased to announce that Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services in Chittenden County is one of two pilot sites in Vermont that will expand and strengthen treatment options for adolescents and young adults with the help of a $3.8 million grant from the Federal Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Read more . . .

Howard Center Autism Spectrum Program Director Receives National Award
November 22, 2013

Amy Cohen, the Director of Howard Center’s Autism Spectrum Program, received a national award in appreciation of exceptional advocacy on behalf of individuals with autism in the state of Vermont at a national conference on autism in Washington, DC.  Read more

Interview with Justin Verette from Howard Center's Street Outreach Team
November 21, 2013

Verette talks about his job with the Street Outreach Team that works in the downtown Burlington area and says, "I enjoy working with everybody and being on the front lines talking to people. I want to do as much as I can for a client, the polic department, or agency; I'm not going to give up on a person." Read more . . .

Training Employees with Disabilities for the Job and for Life
November 19, 2013

Fifteen years ago, Healthy Living Market began working with Howard Center's supported employment program Project Hire. For Healthy Living, the arrangement provides an opportunity to reach out and be more involved in the community. For Project Hire participants, it is an opportunity to learn new skills and to become more independent. Read more . . .

Psychiatric Service Dogs May Help Some Patients
June 28, 2013

For some people with mental health challenges, man's best friend may play an important role in the recovery process. Howard Center psychiatrist Dr.Joe Lasek says psychiatric service dogs are able to detect non-verbal distress signs that humans aren't able to discern. Melanie Jannery talks about how her dog Winston has changed her life in the June 26 issue of Seven Days.

Director of First Call for Children and Families to Serve on National Suicide Prevention Steering Committee
April 15, 2013

Robin Pesci, Director of Howard Center’s First Call for Children and Families, has been nominated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Steering Committee for a three-year term. Through her work with First Call, a 24/7 mobile crisis and intake team serving children and families in Vermont . . . read more.


Community Friends Joins Mentoring Celebration
April 12, 2013

Community Friends Mentoring pairs joined other mentors and youth at ECHO on March 27 to celebrate mentoring. John Gallagher, a Community Friends mentor, talks about why he is a mentor in an article in The Citizen.

Howard Center's New Approach to Treating Mental Illness: More Talking, Fewer Words
January 16, 2013

Dr. Sandy Steingard, Howard Center's Medical Director for Mental Health and Substance Abuse is featured in an  article in the January 16 issue of Seven Days.Read the full article, "Howard Center's New Approach to Treating Mental Illness: More Talking, Fewer Words."


Burlington Agencies Highlighted for Their Rapid Referral Response for Drug Users
January 08, 2013

The benefits of a rapid referral are highlighted in the New York Times Online Commentary "For Drug Users, a Swift Response is the Best Medicine."

New Year's Dinner at Westview House
December 31, 2012

How does one Howard Center client celebrate New Year's Day? Find out in the Burlington Free Press article.

Defining Success One Day at a Time
October 03, 2012

Read more about Howard Center's SUCCEED Program in a Burlington Free Press article.

Howard Center Considers Moving its Chittenden Clinic to a New Location in South Burlington
July 12, 2012

Read more about the proposed move in a recent Burlington Free Press article by Molly Walsh.

Doors Open to Howard Center New ASSIST and Mobile Crisis Team Facility
April 09, 2012

To assist adults experiencing a psychiatric crisis, a new facility for Howard Center ASSIST and Mobile Crisis Team just opened at 851 Pine Street, Burlington.

Howard Center Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Appointed to GMCB Advisory Committee
February 16, 2012

Bob Bick, Director of Howard Center Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, was recently appointed to the newly established Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) Advisory Committee.

Open House Celebrates Home for New Lakeview Program
August 08, 2011

Howard Center and the Champlain Housing Trust will hold an Open House on Thursday, August 11, 1:00 – 4:00 PM, to celebrate the new home of Howard Center’s Lakeview program. The new residence at 322 St. Paul Street, Burlington, will house 16 community members with serious mental illness.

Howard Center Jean Garvin School Presents "Unsung Hero Award"
July 22, 2011

Staff and students of Howard Center Jean Garvin School in Williston awarded the “Unsung Hero Award” to the Williston Police Department and the Williston Community Justice Board.

IBM Awards a $100,000 Grant to the Vermont State College System
July 20, 2011

IBM Awards a $100,000 Grant to the Vermont State College System for a Project to Reduce Energy Use at the Vermont Technical College and Howard Center Results will support Vermont’s Smart Grid effort; to be shared via the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center.

Films Document Closing of Brandon, VT, and Laconia, NH, Schools
April 14, 2011

New Documentary & Panel Discussion on the closing of Vermont and New Hampshire institutions for people with developmental disabilities on
Tuesday, April 26, 6 – 8 pm, at Main Street Land Performing Arts Center at Lake & College, Burlington

Howard Center Developmental Services Receives Ally Award
December 17, 2009

Howard Center recently received an award for the work the organization does to prevent domestic and sexual violence.

Howard Center Employees in the New
December 02, 2009

Dr. Anthony Quintiliani, Clinical Director of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services at Howard Center, delivered the keynote address at the Seventh Annual Vermont Collaboration Conference on Children, Youth & Families in October at the Killington Grand Hotel, Killington, VT. The presentation focused on the positive effects of mindfulness-based training on our interaction with others and our capacity to collaborate.

Dr. Anthony Quintiliani of Howard Center is keynote speaker
September 22, 2009

 Dr. Anthony Quintiliani, Clinical Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at Howard Center, will deliver the keynote address at the 7th Annual Vermont Collaboration Conference on Children, Youth & Families, on October 16, 2009 at the Killington Grand Hotel, Killington, VT.

Howard Center Big Night Fundraising Event on June 3 Features Kathryn Blume and Client Stories of Success
May 18, 2009

 This year’s Howard Center “Big Night” fundraising event, to be held on Wednesday, June 3, at the UVM Davis Center, features actress, writer, and artistic associate for the Vermont Stage Company Kathryn Blume. Her talk, “Care Like No One is Watching” will celebrate community connections.

Resources available for children, youth, and families who are grieving
April 23, 2009

The unexpected death of a young person is a tragedy, and is difficult for the youth’s family, friends, teachers, and a grieving community. Howard Center First Call program is available to provide in person or phone support to children and families in Chittenden County at

Howard Center Methadone Clinic Receives Highest Accreditation Rating
April 06, 2009

A three-year accreditation--the highest level of accreditation--was recently awarded by CARF International to Howard Center for its Chittenden Clinic which provides methadone maintenance therapy for those individuals with opioid dependence. The Clinic is offered in affiliation with Fletcher Allen Health Care and the University of Vermont, College of Medicine.

Howard Center Announces Three New Board Members

Howard Center is pleased to announce the election in November of three new Board of Trustees: Dan Balon, Michael Lipson, and Gail Stevenson.

Howard Center Highlighted in "Best of Burlington"

Howard Center was recently featured in the Fall 2016 issue of "Best of Burlington." Click here to read the full article.

Howard Center In the News

Howard Center in the News.

Howard Cdenter Appoints JAcqueline dragon as HR Director

Jacqueline Dragon joined Howard Center as Human Resources Director in December. Ms. Dragon will provide strategic leadership for Human Resources to include workforce planning and employee engagement for the organization’s 1,500 employee workforce. Read more . . . .

Ahead of Sentencing, U.S. Attorney's Office Recommends Leach be Sentenced to 5 Years Probation

The teenager who plead guilty to sending death threats that lead to several days of lockdowns last spring at South Burlington High School will be sentenced next week.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Josiah Leach’s defense attorney are recommending Leach, 19, of South Burlington, be sentenced to 5 years probation. Read more . . . .