INCLUSION Program Home

Program Philosophy

The INCLUSION Program is built on the belief that, where possible and appropriate, students benefit from placement in the regular education environment with peers of their same age and grade.
The program is designed to ensure that student needs are fully addressed without placing undue demands on the school’s regular staff.
We believe in fully involving and supporting our families, who are integral contributors to student success.

Who We Serve

The INCLUSION Program serves students in grade K-12 who:

  • Have intensive learning challenges due to disruptive classroom behavior.
  • Are overextending the resources of the school’s regular and special education staff.
  • Are being served outside the mainstream and who need to be reintegrated into the classroom and/or school setting.
  • Are being considered for alternative school placement.
  • Are being reintegrated from residential or more restrictive school environments.

Public School Program Services

  • Development and management of positive behavior support plans.
  • Skilled 1:1 implementation and management of all aspects of a student’s therapeutic program to help students remain in the classroom.
  • Direct instruction and reinforcement of pro-social and coping skills.
  • Year-round support for families, including psycho-education, counseling and care coordination.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Specialized Literacy Instruction based on the Wilson Reading System for students more than 2 years behind in reading skills.

Summer Camp

During the month of July, the INCLUSION Program hosts a therapeutic day camp with all of our students

Apply Now

Students must be referred to the INCLUSION Program through their local school system.