How You Can Help

Howard Center is committed to serving children within their own communities whenever possible, while providing the proper level of care. This may include

Long-term Intervention Planning
Offers children 24-hour care for over 60 days while the family and child prepare for reunification or plan for other permanent options for the child. This could include looking for an adoptive family for the child.

Short-term Intervention Planning
Offers children 24-hour care for less than 60 days to assess the child’s needs and for the family and child to prepare for reunification.

Shared Parenting
Offers a therapeutic arrangement where the child lives with their family and a foster family. The families have determined that to stay together as a family unit, they need supportive and consistent breaks provided by a foster home.    

Offers a therapeutic arrangement for youth who have received intensive treatment throughout their lives and are now ready to strengthen their independent living skills as they prepare for adulthood. This offers youth the ability to live in a safe home, with caring, supportive adults to help them reach their independent living goals.

Weekend Overnight Respite
Offers opportunities for overnight respite, supportive breaks, additional skill building, healthy relationship-building skills, and positive role modeling for children.  Children may spend anywhere from one weekend a month to every weekend a month with Howard Center foster parent(s).  

Hourly Respite Worker
Offers opportunities for hourly respite, supportive breaks, skill building, building positive relationships, and healthy role modeling for child and family.