First Call for Chittenden County

One team. One number: 802.488.7777 

Anyone can contact First Call for Chittenden County for help in a crisis or for support or information about community services. The caller defines the crisis. The clinicians offer phone support, intervention, in-person assessment, and referrals. First Call for Chittenden County works with children, adults and families, and partners with schools, police, medical and mental health providers, and others.

First Call for Chittenden County is also there to help during a community tragedy and to provide suicide prevention training.

24/7/365 Crisis Line
Phone: 802-488-7777

First Call for Chittenden County: Help During a Crisis
The parent of one son says, “For years I thought that's not for us, we don't need that, that's for other people that need help,”  Several years later after receving support from First Call she says, “They're like angels that come in."

The Youth Yellow Pages is resource and information guide for youth all over Chittenden County Vermont.  The information and resources listed in this guide can help you be healthy or help you find solutions to your problems.  Unless otherwise noted all phone numbers are within area code 802.  Many things can be kept confidential; if you want to be sure that the person you are talking to will not tell anyone else, just ask, “Will what I say be kept confidential?”  Besides the resources in this directory, there may be other people in your life who can listen and help you: parents, family members, doctors, neighbors, religious leaders, teachers, or counselors.

Please remember that you are not alone.

There are people around you who care about you.

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