Developmental Services

Employment, Community Support and Education

For more information about Employment, Community Support, and Education Programs and Services for individuals with a developmental disability, call 802.488.6500.

ARCh (Accessing Resources for Children)

ARCh serves children and young adults up to the age of 22 who have an intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or an emotional or behavioral challenge.

Contact ARCh: 802.488.6500 or 802.488.6600.

Autism: Information and Resources

Howard Center provides services and supports for individuals with autism from birth through adulthood.

Flexible Family Funding Program

The Flexible Family Funding (FFF) Program provides limited funding to assist unpaid family members, guardians, or caregivers who live with a child or family member with an intellectual disability or autism and who meet eligibility guidelines. The goal of Flexible Family Funding is to provide support and resources to help families stay together.

Contact Flexible Family Funding Program: 802.488.6549.

Project Hire

Project Hire provides career development and employment support and assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Contact Project Hire: 802.488.6555.

Resource Center

To find out what's going on at the Resource Center, view or download the April 2017 Calendar.


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SUCCEED is an innovative post-secondary education program for students with intellectual disabilities and autism, provided by Howard Center in collaboration with area colleges.

SUCCEED: 802.488.6580.