Comprehensive Care - Crisis Stabilization

Program Overview

The Crisis Stabilization Program is designed to provide immediate residential stabilization for children experiencing an acute mental health crisis. The goal of the Crisis Stabilization Program is to stabilize children in crisis and to safely transition them back to their communities.  To contact your local mental health crisis screener, click here.  Or call First Call for Families at 488-7777.

Who we serve

The Crisis Stabilization Program serves 6 children (ages 5-14) from anywhere in Vermont, who have signification behavioral or mental health needs. Children referred to the Crisis Stabilization Program are in the midst of an acute psychiatric crisis and need immediate short term residential treatment but do not require the level of care provided by psychiatric hospitalization. Only children screened by the designated crisis screening team for their area can be served in this program.

Where we provide services

The Crisis Stabilization Program is located at our 1138 Pine Street Campus in Burlington, though we provide therapeutic services wherever they are needed to support successful treatment and safe return to the child’s home and/or community.

What services we provide

The Crisis Stabilization Program provides immediate short term (less than 10 days) therapeutic residential crisis stabilization services that include acute mental health supports, discharge planning and family engagement.  Our program is most effective when families are able to actively participate in the assessment and treatment process.

How to make a referral

For more information about this program, contact the Program Coordinator, Annalisa MacDonald at (802) 488-7785 or