Consultation & Training for Schools

Program Development

  • Assisting schools in developing alternative services to support students with the most extreme learning challenges (Tier 3).

Data Collection Systems

  • Support data collection systems for progress monitoring student performance.

Short Term Consultation

Consultation Services may include:

  • Assessment (including team Functional Behavior Assessment).
  • Determination of student needs
  • Creating/adapting behavioral programming
  • Training and support of school personnel
  • Recommendations for programming in a variety of areas:
    • Behavior
    • Social and life skills
    • Academics

School-Wide Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the promotion and management of positive student behavior including:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment of each classroom for promotion of positive student behavior
  • Assessment of each personnel position in the school and its role in supporting and promoting positive school-wide behavior support and management
  • Review and assessment of all practices, protocols, and tools used to manage student behavior


Formal trainings are available to schools on topics related to the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis practice.