Howard Center's Comprehensive Care Programs provide 24/7, out-of-home care for children and teens. The residential programs include crisis stabilization and assessment and family reunification. We also support children and their families within the community, in therapeutic foster homes.

We specialize in the treatment of children with complex trauma histories and/or significant mental health and behavioral needs.  We also specialize in reunifying families after children experience a disruption in their living situation caused by mental health, child welfare or other reasons.  We work in our residential facilities, in the community and with families in their homes.

In addition, we operate the Woodside Transition House, a step-down program for young men leaving the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. Youth in this program receive support as they transition into the community.

If you think the Comprehensive Care Program may help your family, please call Maggie Reilly, 488-6761.

Foster Care

Wondering what it takes to provide foster or respite care? Listen to these folks who describe their experiences as foster parents.


The Enhanced Family Treatment program provides therapeutic foster care for children and youth who have significant mental health needs. Therapeutic foster care is a planned and time limited supported living arrangement for children whose parent(s) and/or caregivers need additional support outside of the home environment.