Children and Families

Specialized Independent Schools

Baird School

The Baird School provides an alternative educational environment for children ages 5-14 and grades K-8 whose needs cannot be met in a regular educational environment due to social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

View the 2016-2017 Baird School Calendar.

View the 2017-2018 Baird School Calendar.

Contact The Baird School: 802.488.6839.

Centerpoint School

Centerpoint School serves students ages 12-18 years old, grades 7-12, with emotional, behavioral, mental health, or special learning needs. For more information, visit the Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services web site at

Contact Centerpoint School: 802.488.7711.

Jean Garvin School

Jean Garvin School is a State Board of Education approved independent school. It provides a therapeutic educational program offering unique learning opportunities to inspire personal change and well-being for adolescents, ages 12-18 years, grades 7-12.

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Contact the Jean Garvin School: 802.488.6767.