Children and Families

24-Hour Services

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care Programs provide 24/7, out-of-home care and/or community-based services for children ages 5 to 21, depending on the specific program.

Contact Comprehensive Care Programs: 802.488.6726.

Park Street Program

The Park Street Program provides intensive residential treatment to adolescent males ages 12-17 with sexual harming behaviors. Residents attend the onsite Fay Honey Knopp School, a licensed school that provides a supportive, therapeutic, and safe educational environment.

Contact The Park Street Program: 802.488.6775.

For information about a PREA safe environment at Park Street, please click here.

Transition House Program

The Transition House is a residential program for adolescents and young men age 16-22 which provides supportive housing and preparation for independent living. This program provides youth who have high-risk, harmful and/or delinquent behaviors with the opportunity to live in a supervised setting in order to build the skills necessary to be successful as adults.

Contact the Tansition House Program: 802.488.6702.

For information about a PREA safe environment at Transition House, please click here.