Baird School


The Baird School offers an alternative educational environment for children ages 5-14 years, grades K-8. The services include intensive special education, therapeutic behavioral intervention and treatment, psychiatric/psychological consultation, pro-social skills training, and family work.

The Baird School's Mission

To provide multifaceted academic, social, emotional, and behavioral programming for students who pose significant challenges in these areas, equipping them with the skills and strategies that will allow them to function successfully in the least restrictive educational environment available to them.

What School Partners and Families Say About the Baird School

- All staff went above and beyond to help my child and our family. They work very hard and take pleasure in their jobs. 

- Baird School has done wonders for my son. He has made many gains. Baird School met my son where he is at and worked from there. I appreciate that he was accepted for his interests and not made to feel that his interests are inappropriate. He loves his communications with the staff who share his interest in sci-fi and technology.

- I feel that the Baird staff were very professional and truly understand this student and his needs, as well as being a good support for his family.