Baird School Structure and Services

Who We Serve

The Baird School serves students in grades K-8 who

  • have intensive learning challenges due to distuptive behavior
  • are overextending the resources of the school's regular and special education staff

Intensive Services

  • 1:1 Behavior interventionist support
  • Team support that includes a full-time Special Educator and Clinical Behavior Specialist Supervisor
  • Capacity to serve six students

Disability Categories

  • Learning impairment
  • Emotional disability
  • Speech/language impairment
  • Autism (high-functioning)


  • Six long-term classrooms, each led by a teacher and behavior interventionist
  • Assessment desks
  • Eight to ten students in each classroom
  • Each classroom is suppported by a clinician and special educator

Middle School

The Baird School has two middle school classrooms, and as is typical in most middle schools, students are assigned a home room where they begin and end each day, store their personal items, and spend time throughout the day.

Each student has an individual schedule to follow for core classes with lunch, art/music, Enrichment and outdoor time incorporated into each day. Enrichment includes motivating, enriching topics (engineering, cooking, leadership, etc.) and allows for student choice on a quarterly basis.

Core classes are taught in 45 minute blocks, and students have 5 minutes to switch classes and take a break in the Teen Zone as desired.  

For an example schedule click here.

Academic Curriculum

The Baird School, using Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS), integrates assessment and intervention within a school-wide, multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems.

Readers and Writers Workshop is implemented in all classrooms for approximately 90 minutes per day. All classroom libraries are grade leveled to assure students are reading “just right” books.  When needed, Special Educators provide additional supplemental instruction using Wilson Reading® curriculums (Fundations, Just Words) as well as other evidence based curriculums (i.e. Read Naturally).  Literacy Specialists provide the most intensive level of instruction using the Wilson Reading System. 

Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI), used in all classrooms, incorporates research-based methods of instruction designed to improve student achievement.  PMI is based on Social Constructivism, the idea that people construct knowledge through group interaction, and the use of technology, both of which can be very motivating. For more information on PMI click here.

Science and Social Studies are taught in an integrated manner through thematic studies (and taught daily to address core competencies in our Middle School classrooms)

Intentional movement/PE daily

Art and Music are integrated into curriculum

Adventure-based learning quarterly

Community-based Learning opportunities

Therapeutic Curriculum

  • Daily formal social skills instructon led by school clinicians
  • Therapeutic crisis intervention and conflict resolution as needed throughout each day
  • Life space crisis intervention
  • Social cognition
  • Self-regulation strategies
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • Therapeutic outdoor education program
  • Transition planning and integration work

The PAX Game

Across all classrooms the school uses the PAX Good Behavior Game. The PAX Game is a research based classroom management model that involves student teams that compete against each other to refrain from engaging in negative classroom behaviors. For more information about The PAX Game click here.

In addition, token reinforcement programs and behavioral contracts are established with individual students or groups when the needs of individuals or groups suggest such programs are necessary for behavioral change. The school also uses natural and logical consequences, where possible, in response to behavioral difficulties.

Traditions and Rituals

The Baird School acknowledges various traditions and rituals which are designed to build a sense of community and nurture social competence. These include birthday celebrations, theme kick-offs and culminating events, whole-school breakfasts, harvest dinner, open house, field days, barbecues, spirit week, talent show, outdoor challenge ceremonies, goodbye rituals, and student recognition day.

Summer School Session

A four-week summer school session is offered to all students.

Services to Families

  • Home-school coordination
  • Interagency care coordination of student needs
  • Parent education to support the needs of children
  • Referrals to other mental health supports

Apply Now

Students may be referred to the program by the school district. For referral forms or more information, contact:

Kristie Reed, LICSW,BCBA
Child, Youth, and Family Services, Howard Center